Reiki Courses and Meditation Courses in London

Reiki Master & Teacher Level

This is the advanced Master plus Teacher level.  After having completed the Reiki Level 2 training, you can seize the opportunity to train to the Master & Teacher level in the Usui Method of Natural Healing. This level will significantly increase your personal energy as well as enabling you to initiate others into Reiki.

The highlights of the Reiki Master & Teacher course include;

  • receiving an authentic, individual Reiki Master Attunement
  • the initiation into four Reiki Master symbols
  • mastering the elements of holistic healing
  • connecting with your Higher Self and high level spiritual guides
  • techniques for raising your energy levels (Microcosmic Orbit and Reiki Breath)
  • advanced Reiki techniques including:
  • clearing the energy of spaces
  • setting up a Reiki energy grid inside a space
  • scanning the human aura
  • Reiki “energy surgery” for moving blocked energy
  • cleansing, programming & dedicating crystals with Reiki
  • setting up a Reiki crystal energy grid
  • how to give Reiki Attunements (in traditional and modern styles including Healing Attunements, Reiju and Denju) with plenty of guided practice
  • how to teach all levels of the Usui Reiki system (Reiki 1; 2; Master & Teacher level)
  • how to design & deliver a successful training programme

Four days over two weekends will be devoted to this transformational training course and the class size will be kept small.

This is an internationally recognised certificated training course. Included is a comprehensive manual, an audio recording for guided practice and life-long post-course support (including advice with marketing and professional practice) via telephone, e-mail or in person during the regular Reiki practice groups.

This training course is a wonderful opportunity for you to deepen your own personal healing and to greatly enhance your ability to help others.

Becoming a Reiki Master will tremendously boost your competence and confidence. It is a giant step towards a more fulfilled life. You will learn essential skills that you can use to build an income from what you love doing, helping you to bridge the gap between your work life and a spiritual life. The advanced techniques provide powerful tools to clear physical, mental, emotional and spiritual blocks to abundance, health and harmony.


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Testimonials for Michael’s Reiki Master & Teacher Course

“Thank you so much for the amazing lessons, teaching style, humour and of course the Reiki Master skills. It was such a pleasure to meet so many fantastic people and the whole experience has been kept with me ever since!  I feel so much ‘more alive’ after the attunement and enjoyed the classes so much that I wished that I could be with you again!”
(Mark B.)

“Thank you Michael for teaching us. It is always so refreshing to be with a teacher who is so giving, so eager to share the knowledge with so much passion.  It was amazing to meet all of you who were just so ‘present’ with Reiki. I felt that we all wanted to heal so much, whether it was healing the self, others, or the world. I learnt a lot.”
(Yogi B.)

“Special thank you to Michael for being such an inspiring and engaging teacher. I did my first session as a Reiki Master last weekend and successfully used a number of techniques including the ‘Reiki Energy Surgery’ – the client was really happy!”
(Rachael C.)

“I really enjoyed the two weekends very much and thank you for putting so much effort in everything and making sure that we all turn out to be good Reiki Master’s! The rest is up to us now.”
(Sunny P.)


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