Reiki Courses and Meditation Courses in London

Ongoing Support and Reiki Practice Group Meetings

Michael is available to give free advice to his students by telephone and e-mail.

Regular Reiki practice groups are being held for continued support on a Sunday evening once a month.  These groups are open to Reiki practitioners of all schools and levels, provided that their Reiki lineage started with Mikao Usui.

To attend, you’re required to have at least Reiki Level 1 (any Reiki style, school and type of training are welcome) and you will need to book in advance as space is limited.

Each Reiki practice group meeting is an opportunity for us to share our experiences with Reiki, to exchange ideas, to ask and answer questions, to give and receive advice, to discuss aspects the Reiki practice, explore new techniques and to give Reiki to each other in a group healing session.

For those of you who practice Reiki professionally, these practice groups count as CPD and valid supervision and teacher contact time.

Places are limited. Please click here to to enquire about availability.

At the beginning of each meeting, you will be asked to make a £5 contribution towards the room rental.

The venue is near to Moorgate tube station in London EC2.

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