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“Understanding Reiki” by Reiki Master & Teacher Michael Kaufmann is an essential guide for those who want to learn more about this fascinating, non-invasive therapy.

“I consider it to be the best concise explanation of Reiki presently available. It’s very approachable and no-nonsense.”
Karen Aitken, Willow Lodge Healing Therapies

From the content: A brief history of Reiki; The human energy field; How does Reiki work?; The main benefits of Reiki; Set-up and structure of a Reiki treatment; Case histories and more.

An excerpt from the Understanding Reiki ebook;

The meaning of the word Reiki

When we translate the Japanese term “Reiki” into English we encounter two components:

Rei means Universal Consciousness, Spirit, the hidden source;
Ki means Life Energy, Life Force.

Put together, Reiki means Universal Life Energy or Spiritual Life Force.

Rei can be thought of as a universal field of consciousness that is composed neither of matter nor energy but has the primary organising power to create life from both. Rei is the mind of nature, an infinite intelligence that is able to design and harmonise the vast number of events which life creates at any moment in time.
Consider the following metaphor. Imagine nature to be a living ocean. As you look across the surface of the vast expanse, waves rise and fall everywhere in perfect rhythm. Rei is the ocean’s consciousness in its totality, creating and organising all the waves you can see.
Individual life forms in nature rise from Rei like the waves rise from the ocean. Just as each wave is an expression of the ocean, each individual life form is an expression of Rei. As the winds and the tidal forces provide the energy for the waves to rise, it is the force that the Japanese call Ki that provides the energy for living organisms to exist and thrive.
Ki, the life energy within all living beings, has many names. The Chinese call it “Chi”, the Indians named it “Prana”, the Sufis “Baraka”. In recent decades, science has developed instruments that are sensitive enough to detect and measure aspects of Ki. It can be described as a living electromagnetic energy that is being absorbed, stored and distributed by living cells. Most Eastern healing practises are based on an awareness of Ki. Good health is usually defined as the state where Ki flows through the body in a free and balanced way. Ill health is the state where the flow of the life energy is continuously impeded by stress and tension so that areas of stagnant energy develop, leading to the experience of pain and other symptoms.

Most traditional Eastern healing practices aim at restoring a healthy flow of Ki in the body. Reiki equally restores the healthy flow of Ki and goes even further. While the Ki that is currently present in the body is being rebalanced, additional Ki is made available through the practitioner who acts as channel for the Life Force. As a result the receiver’s “batteries” are being recharged more quickly and the healing process can be completed more easily and thoroughly.

Reiki is a conscious and intelligent energy that flows through and nourishes all life. It can only do good as it is life energy expressed and guided by Spirit (Rei). “Spirit” or “spiritual” refers to a hidden source that maintains, interconnects and evolves all life. While every religion has their own ideas and names for this source of life, Rei transcends all religious concepts. Consequently, Reiki is not a religious practise but a way to support natural healing for everyone everywhere, regardless of their background and beliefs.

“Spiritual energy” and “life force” may appear as being mysterious forces. Yet, electrical currents or even the pull of gravity are really just as mysterious. Electricity is sub-atomic particles called electrons flowing through a medium. To date, scientists have been unable to secure exactly what an electron is and what creates it. Does this prevent you from plugging in your kettle? Your cup of tea is the result of an unresolved scientific mystery. Should this keep you from enjoying it? Scientists still don’t really know what gravity is, yet we experience its power every moment of our lives.

(Understanding Reiki ebook by Michael Kaufmann, Reiki Master & Teacher)