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Reiki Course Testimonials

The video testimonials below were given by Reiki students of Michael at the end of a Reiki practice group meeting.

Below are further comments that Michael’s students have made about his Reiki One, Two and Master courses.

“I was amazed at the calmness felt during and after the course and I’ve turned to Reiki to help calm myself before sleep ever since.” Annie Ross, Evening Standard. Click here for Annie’s article and scroll down to 4.

“It was fantastic. Very informative, great support, hands on, peaceful and loving environment.” Kate A.

“Michael is a knowledgeable, fun, totally supportive teacher.” Sylvia G.

“Excellent flow and pacing. Good balance of theory and practice. Clear explanations and background. Absolutely first rate course.”
Caroline. K., London

“I have attended a Reiki One course before, but found Michael’s course much more informative and flowed better.” Jayne B.

“A beautiful experience. My stomach tells me it is the start of something big.”
Helen C., London

“I really enjoyed the course. I now feel extremely relaxed and happy.”
Sally W., London

“The whole course was brilliant! I love the way you teach and bring the techniques to us. It gives me energy and belief in myself for the future.”
Lesley C., London

Michael’s book “Understanding Reiki” was published in 2004.  CLICK HERE for a FREE eBook DOWNLOAD.


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“Powerful, energetic, peaceful, inspiring, empowering. I now feel confident to not only attune, but also at some time in the future to teach Reiki.”
Carole L., Croydon

“Your Reiki Master & Teacher course is excellent and I found it really beneficial. It has helped me to regain my balance in the midst of a stressful existence.”
Neil S., London

“I liked this Reiki course very much. It is a calm, pleasant learning atmosphere with clear explanations, humour and support and advice even after the course.”
Susan C., London

“The course was wonderful and you were (as always) so generous with your knowledge – you were truly inspirational. I learned so much, that will not only enhance my Reiki work, but will be invaluable in helping me to set up my own massage/Reiki practice.” 
Jane O’.London

“Reiki and especially the Distance Healing have really helped me during my pregnancy and the birth of my son. There is not a day that I don’t practise.”
Nadia L., London

“I just wanted to thank you for the Reiki One course. It was truly spectacular. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to equip myself with a way to nurture myself and I am very excited by all prospects that may ensue! I feel empowered!”
Hayley I., London

“Michael is a wonderful teacher and I really enjoyed the Reiki 1 course. He has a lovely manner which would put anyone at ease, a passion for reiki which is infectious and his delivery of information makes it interesting and engaging. The venue is perfect and Michael’s aromatherapy oils and sprays all contribute to a peaceful and lovely experience. I feel this has sparked a journey for me which I am very excited to be on.”
Avril E.


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Below is further feedback about my Reiki courses, which people have given several weeks after they attended one of my Reiki Level One courses.

“I can’t begin to explain how transformative a process this has been. I am practicing the chakra balancing twice each day and giving myself a full Reiki self-healing 3 or 4 times each week. I feel more alert, am sleeping better, feel fit, minor aches and pains seem to be a thing of the past.
I also feel a lot more ‘connected’ to the planet and people around me. My stress levels are down and I feel more relaxed than I have done in years. I am smoking less (down from around 40 each day to about 10) and am simply not enjoying smoking any more. I feel I will stop in the next few days. Can’t wait to do level 2!”
(Nick P., London.)

“Three weeks after the Reiki Level One attunement, I do feel changed, more whole and connected. when I want I can achieve clarity and alignment more easily. The transformation hasn’t been anything drastic because I already had a pretty healthy lifestyle and was already very in tune with my higher self. It was rather progressive, getting deeper in a gentle way. And I love having within my hands the possibility of making others (and myself) feel better. I’m curious to see what the following weeks will bring about.

(Three months after the Reiki Level One attunement) The energy of Reiki is so sweet and subtle that it’s easy to forget how strong, permeating and transformative it can be! One big change that I noticed to my great surprise is that don’t really want meat anymore, it feels that my body wants to be lighter and doesn’t need it so much. Now that the body has adjusted the next step is to bring Reiki into my life more consciously.”
(Marta R., London)

“For me The Reiki is one of many beautiful ways to care for self and others. I enjoy the self healing a lot. Sitting quiet, feeling this beautiful energy, just great! I was doing Reiki before night a few times. I’ve noticed that my dreams became more intensive and awareness increased. It’s similar experience to the one I get after a meditation, or visiting an energetic places. Also I noticed that this technique helps to make myself more grounded.”
(Zina A., London; four weeks after the Reiki Level One course.)


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“I tried Reiki on my mum who has heart problems and osteoarthritis everywhere. The swelling went down and she felt like she could breathe properly after a terrible pneumonia… and general peace.”
(Carine S., London.)

“The last few weeks I noticed I have been calmer. I had a chance to give Reiki to 9 different people, some friends of mine, some friends of friends. Their responses have all been very positive, especially the last few treatments where I have been more confident with the procedure. Everyone had different experiences, including changing temperature, tingling, a sense of energy rushing through their body, but all have felt very relaxed and peaceful at the end of the treatment.”
(Alessandro B., London; five weeks after the Reiki Level One course.)

“After our course together I started off well with the Reiki. I did mini sessions on members of my family to practice and also chakra balances on myself at night time. I did a fantastic 40 min session on a friend lying down and both myself and she felt a strong draw to her solar plexus chakra. It was quite powerful. I really enjoyed the session.”
(Anne F., London; six weeks after the Reiki Level One course.)

“The Reiki Level 1 course created a great ending to the year and helped me a great deal through a very stressful time! I’ve been able to balance my chakras every day (apart from maybe two or three days). I’ve mostly been practising Reiki on myself, and have managed to also practise it on two others who both gave positive feedback and enjoyed the experience.

I think it’s helped me become more positive for myself and others around me which is a great feeling. And when things occur that would normally make me feel not-so-positive, I just remind myself of Reiki and it helps ease my mind.”
(Nadia I., London; three weeks after the Reiki Level One course.)

“Hi Michael, a couple of observations for you. I have to say that when I practice Reiki on myself, the inner ‘chatterbox’ diminishes considerably. Also, when I do stop to relax, the quiet times are more intense, with lots of energy running through me.”
(Gerry M., London; four weeks after the Reiki Level One course.)


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Michael’s book “Understanding Reiki” was published in 2004.  CLICK HERE for a FREE eBook DOWNLOAD.