Reiki Courses and Meditation Courses in London

Welcome to one of London’s most long-standing Schools of Reiki and Meditation.

Run by Reiki Master and Teacher Michael Kaufmann, providing Reiki Courses for all levels of training and Meditation Courses to the highest standards.

Reiki Courses in London

Since starting in 1997, Michael has taught Reiki to over 1400 people. His internationally recognised courses have helped to make Reiki one of the most sought-after therapies in the UK today.

In 2002, Michael began to also teach meditation courses due to the demand from his Reiki students and clients.

Michael’s book “Understanding Reiki” was published in 2004.

His courses include authentic Reiki attunements that work, a safe space for learning Reiki and Meditation and ongoing support after the course.

Upcoming Reiki Courses

 Reiki Level One – 19 April 2015 – SOLD OUT.  Click here to join the waiting list. Please write “Waiting list for Reiki One on 19 April” into the Message box.>

Reiki Level One – Sunday, 17 May 2015; £129  Book Course

EXTRA Reiki Level Two – Saturday, 18 April 2015; £159  Book Course

 Reiki Level Two – Sunday, 7 June 2015; £159  Book Course 

♦ Reiki Master – Four days: 26 & 27 September and 3 & 4 October 2015; £100 deposit/ £469 total.  Book Course

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The video testimonials below were given by Reiki students of Michael at the end of a Reiki practice group meeting.

After taking a course with Michael, you will receive ongoing support at the regular Reiki practice group meetings and via email or telephone.

Reiki Course venue:  The courses are being held in a venue near to Moorgate tube station in London EC2.

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“Thank you so much for teaching us such a fantastic level 1 Reiki course last Sunday. I thoroughly enjoyed the day, your expert, pleasant and safe teaching of our group. I am amazed at how powerful a tool you’ve taught us.”              (Anne F.)

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In 2002, Michael began to also teach meditation courses due to the demand from his Reiki students and clients.

Today, his meditation course “The Silent Mind” has become a popular course for beginners as well as for experienced meditators looking for more.

Upcoming Meditation Course

Silent Mind Meditation Course – Sat., 21 March & Sat., 18 April 2015; £129  Book Course

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The meditation course venue is near Moorgate tube and rail station in London EC2.

Meditation Research

Breast cancer patients can benefit most from yoga and meditation, says new guide.  The top ‘A’ rating was awarded to meditation, yoga, and relaxation with imagery, which had the strongest evidence supporting their use.

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3 Good Reasons To Sit Down, Shut Your Eyes And Meditate – According to an article in the Huffington Post

Take just a few minutes every day to meditate and you will feel less pain, be better able to control anxiety and be happier!

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Meditation matters to your brain – According to an article in the ExplorerNews.

Regular meditation has proven benefits for your brain, which in turn can sharpen your memory, boost your mood, and even make you more compassionate toward others. That’s right: the act of sitting quietly for a period of time and focusing on your breath or a mantra or image can have a positive physical impact on your brain.

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Neuroscience pushes meditation into the mainstream

Propelled by technological breakthroughs in neuroscience allowing researchers to monitor brain activity, the medical community is increasingly aware that meditation has beneficial physical effects on the brain.

“Meditation has become a huge topic” in medical circles, said Dr. Selma Sroka, medical director of the Hennepin County Medical Center Alternative Medicine Clinic. “The health benefits are so strong that, if nothing else, people should learn the relaxation techniques.”

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