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Techniques for Energetic Protection for Reiki practitioners

During a Reiki treatment, the practitioner does not use his/her own energy and both the practitioner and the receiver are protected in the flow of Reiki.

However, there may be times when, for whatever reason, you, the practitioner, may feel the need to employ additional techniques for energetic protection. I have listed a few suggestions below of what you could do in such a situation.

1. Listen to your instincts! This is the most important part. Notice when something doesn’t feel right, when there is a false “note” or “flavour” in a person’s or a place’s energy. One of my teachers kept emphasising that “perception is the basis of protection”. Tune into your Third Eye chakra to support your subtle perception and the alertness of your energy field.

2. Feel where in your body that “false note” or strange, uncomfortable sensation takes place – in the stomach? in the heart area? the head? etc. Does it feel like an attack, i.e. something trying to push itself into your energy? Or does it feel like energy is being drained out of you? Where does this take place? Or if all over, then where the most? Place your hand(s) over this area and flow Reiki into it to protect and nourish your energy. If the discomfort/”false note” etc. continues regardless, then remove yourself from this situation/person/space as soon as possible!

3. Tune into your central channel of energy that runs roughly along your spine, but is not curved like the spine. In Yoga it is called the sushumna. Feel this channel and keep some of your attention on it. Centre yourself inside this channel as if you were the wick of the candle of your body, protected inside the thickness of the “wax” of your flesh.

4. Gently pull in your abdominal muscles, just lightly, as in the bhandas of yoga practices or the core stability of Pilates and other body work. This will help make your energy “denser”, less easy to penetrate.

5. Engage a slight friction in your throat/larynx area when breathing. Keep this very light, but still tangible. In yoga this is called the Ujjayi Breathing , the “victorious breath”! Again, this will help make your energy “denser”, less easy to penetrate.

6. Avoid alcohol and any drugs (apart from prescriptions of course) at least 12 hours, ideally 24 hours before giving someone a Reiki treatment. Alcohol and drugs could seriously breach the integrity and the defences of your energy field.

7. Only give Reiki to someone else when you feel well enough to enjoy it! At times of physical, emotional, energetic un-wellness and vulnerability only treat yourself.

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