Reiki Courses and Meditation Courses in London

Reiki Courses – Learn how to heal your body, calm your mind and lift your spirit.

Our Reiki courses have already helped over 4000 people to clear blocks to abundance, health and harmony. You too can learn this powerful yet gentle energy healing system and use it to re-balance your life.

Reiki Courses in London by Reiki Master Teacher Michael KaufmannWelcome to one of London’s most long-standing Reiki schools run by Reiki Master and Teacher Michael Kaufmann.

Since starting in 1997, Michael has taught Reiki to over 4000 people. His internationally recognised courses have helped to make Reiki one of the most sought-after therapies in the UK today.

Many professional Reiki practitioners and teachers in London and the UK have done their training with Michael.

Michael’s book “Understanding Reiki” was published in 2004. CLICK HERE for a FREE eBook DOWNLOAD.

His Reiki courses include authentic attunements that work, a safe space for learning Reiki and meditation and ongoing support after the course.

♦ Reiki Level One, £149; Click here for dates & info.

♦ Reiki Level Two, £179; Click here for dates & info.

♦ Reiki Master & Teacher Level, £489; Click here for dates & info.

The video testimonials below were given by Reiki students of Michael at the end of a practice group meeting.

The course fee includes an internationally recognised certificate, a comprehensive course manual and lifelong support after the course via email or telephone.
Michael will be present at the regular practice group meetings for further support.

After completing your training, you will be eligible for membership with the UK Reiki Federation, The Reiki-Association, The Reiki-Guild and other associations.

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More Testimonials:

“I was amazed at the calmness felt during and after the course and I’ve turned to Reiki to help calm myself before sleep ever since.” Annie Ross, Evening Standard. Click here for Annie’s article and scroll down to 4.

“The Reiki course was perfect, informative, nurturing and fun! A brilliant way to receive such a wonderful gift.” Kingsley H.

“Fantastic experience, lovely group of people and of course an amazing teacher” Aniko K.

“I loved it – everything I wanted to know and experience and more!” Joanne L.

“I have attended a Reiki One course before, but found Michael’s course much more informative and flowed better.” Jayne B.

“It was fantastic. Very informative, great support, hands on, peaceful and loving environment.” Kate A.

“Michael is a knowledgeable, fun, totally supportive teacher.” Sylvia G.

“Thank you so much for teaching us such a fantastic Reiki 1 course. I thoroughly enjoyed it, your expert, pleasant and safe teaching of our group. I am amazed at how powerful a tool you’ve taught us.”  Anne F.

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Learn Reiki and change your life for the better.  Taking a Reiki course is an empowering experience.

Feeling the natural healing energy during the Reiki courses is inspiring and comforting.
The Reiki initiation awakens the dormant healer within you.
The most important part of the Reiki training is the Reiki attunement.

The attunement is an energy transmission performed by a Reiki Master & Teacher.
It enhances the receiver’s natural connection to the Universal Life Force.
It enables a person to “channel” the energy required for a Reiki treatment.

All attunements will be given to you by Michael himself in person, never by assisting teachers.  This is important for the authenticity of your Reiki lineage.

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If you wish to speak to Michael directly about Reiki courses or Reiki treatments, then you can call him on tel. 07801 284073 during office hours.

Michael’s book “Understanding Reiki” was published in 2004.  CLICK HERE for a FREE eBook DOWNLOAD.


Research about bioenergy therapies (such as Reiki) grows

A 2018 study in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine demonstrated that in hospitalized patients in New Hampshire, a single session of Reiki substantially reduced pain, nausea, fatigue, anxiety and depression.

Another 2018 study in the Journal of Evidence Based Integrative Medicine, Reiki and physical therapy were equal in relieving the pain of a herniated disc in the low back as well as increasing activities of daily living. However, those treated with Reiki therapy responded faster. Both Reiki and physical therapy were more effective than the usual medications used for pain.

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