Reiki Courses and Meditation Courses in London

Meditation Course Testimonials

Below is some of the feedback that participants have given about Michael’s meditation course “The Silent Mind”.

“I am still practicing every day with joy and my life is getting better and better. I told lots of friends about my experience and sent them to your meditation course.”
S. V., Essex

“It was great! I now have everything I need to meditate.”
F.T., London

“This course has finally opened up my ability to quiet my mind. Thank you!” 
D. S., Italy

“As well as from the thorough introduction to meditation, I feel that I have gained a lot from the relaxation and ‘stress-buster’ techniques that I can take into my daily life and use also outside of the meditation practice.”
C.W., London

“Very informative, open and enjoyable – a great learning environment. The course was very practical – exactly what I was after and Michael was very knowledgeable – this means that I could trust his words and tried the meditation with no fear or worry. Thank you!”
Z.W., London

“I very much liked this course. It is informative and inspirational, with a great teacher – such good energy!”
K.M., London

“Fantastic course! I gained most from learning how to prepare the body as well as the mind for meditation. The audio-CD is lovely and very helpful for establishing the daily practice.”
N.D., London