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How Meditation and Reiki can help you stop smoking

How Meditation can help you stop smoking

Meditating makes stopping smoking easier because it counteracts many of the factors that make people want to smoke.

Meditating helps to release stress and brings about inner peace and confidence.
Most smokers are unaware of what triggers them into wanting a cigarette, they often light up automatically without much attention. The practice of meditation helps us to become more aware of the moment we live in.  It helps us to notice our true needs and potential more fully.

Before you smoke another cigarette simply take a moment and ask yourself if your body truly wants another one.  Pay close attention to what smoking really feels like in your body, in your lungs, on your taste buds, in your nose, your eyes etc.  Paying attention to how unpleasant this experience actually is can counteract the urge for smoking. Meditation is the practice of paying attention to what really is.


  • Smoking requires disassociation from fully tasting, smelling and feeling the reality of a burning cigarette.  Meditation is practicing undivided awareness of the current experience and of the body’s actual response to smoking.
  • Meditation and the resulting mindfulness help you to become more conscious of what triggers the urge to smoke.
  • Meditation is an excellent self-help tool for stress release on a daily basis.  The psychological need for smoking disappears.
  • The physical benefits of meditation help repair the physical damage that smoking caused.

How Reiki Energy Healing can help you stop smoking

Reiki Energy Healing increases the body’s vitality and health and helps it to cleanse itself from harmful toxins. This is important for anyone who wants to stop smoking, because the faster and the more thorough the detox of nicotine from the system, the faster the body can overcome withdrawal symptoms.
Many ex-smokers feel that Reiki helps them to deal better with stress and that therefore the need for cigarettes decreases.  Others find that Reiki helps them become more sensitive to their body’s true needs and that smoking no longer fits in with this new level of awareness.

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